The Pan Asian International Policy Dialogue 2014

Regional S&T Collaboration Among Central Asia, Mongolia, and Japan

In cooperation with the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Research Industries and Industrial Technology Promotion Association (JRIA), the Takeda Foundation organizes the Pan Asian International Policy Dialogue 2014 (PAIPD2014) to be held at GRIPS Soukairo Hall on November 5 and6. The purposes of PAIPD2014 are to discuss scientific and technological challenges in the area involving Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan , Mongolia, and Japan, and to try to explore possibilities for regional collaboration to address these challenges. PAIPD2014 involves closed workshops and an open symposium. At the closed workshops, participants will discuss several topics including human resource development, regional collaborative research, and regional collaboration in the private sectors. The open symposium will reveal the essence of the workshop discussions to help the general public understand the importance of regional collaboration among Central Asia, Mongolia, and Japan, and discuss pan Asian regional collaboration including Central Asia, Mongolia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia .

(This program is supported by “Program for the Promotion of International Policy Dialogues Contributing to the Development of Science and Technology Diplomacy”, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).)